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Re: Bayonet importing

Post by bladeracer » 13 Jun 2018, 9:38 pm

No1Mk3 wrote:Nice looking repro bladeracer, hell of a lot cheaper than the originals. The people who actually make these are an approved supplier to military and police forces in their country, as well as USMC dress swords through Atlanta, so the quality should be good. Shouldn't affect the Carcano as they were originally intended not to be removed from the rifle during use, like the Nagant, but I find the P'07 really pulls down my aim. Enjoy!

These are made in India, as is the repro US GI M1907 sling for the '03-A3.
I will have to get more of these. The Carcano folder I might have to sharpen as it just seems too useful to leave it dull.
US$293 delivered for the Carcano folder with steel scabbard, K98 with steel scabbard, '03-A3 10" cut-down bayonet and plastic GI scabbard, and the 1907 leather GI sling.
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