Good SxS Shotgun under $1500-2000? 12GA or 20GA

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Good SxS Shotgun under $1500-2000? 12GA or 20GA

Post by TBJ » 01 Aug 2018, 7:51 pm

I've always wanted a nice Side x Side, preferably in 20ga but also want a 12ga, for quail, duck, rabbits and sporting clays, just wondering what people can suggest? I want to be able to shoot modern cartridges out of it, preferably not Spanish or Turkish made, I don't mind if I need to restore the gun, so long as the action and barrels are not buggered, I'm mostly a Beretta, Browning or Miroku shotgun man, but I'm also a massive Winchester fan, but never owned one of there shotguns, I've alway wanted a Winchester model 21, but I've yet to see one in Aus and they probably are out of my price range, I also was looking at the Browning BSS and Ruger Gold Label, but again I don't know much about SxS's as I've really only ever owned and shot U/O's.
Also there seems to be a lack of SxS's on usedguns and ozgunsales, where can one suggest to look for what I want?
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Re: Good SxS Shotgun under $1500-2000? 12GA or 20GA

Post by ponkychonk » 01 Aug 2018, 9:34 pm

All I know is my Turkish Huglu SxS coach hammergun is f***ing brilliant. Judging from your brand favourites I'm gonna guess you probably aren't interested in a cheaper Turkish shotgun but I tell you what, this thing operates flawlessly.
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Re: Good SxS Shotgun under $1500-2000? 12GA or 20GA

Post by hunter1941 » 14 Aug 2018, 2:03 pm

Good afternoon,
I did do a post about 10 days ago in reply, somehow the Gremlins got it and it disappeared.
so I am redoing it and in more detail, First off consider buying second hand, to guide you you could refer yourself to a local club, eg. SSAA,
not knowing what city or area you are in , eg. in Brisbane Branch SSAA close to 20,000 member and there are alot of old experienced shotgunners.
who can advice. ( I am a foundation member since 1960 ....... 58 years member ) and having owned at one stage about 40 plus English S x S shotguns,
and European ones like FN, Beretta, Franchi, Simpson Suhl. and having used side x side shotguns for some 70 years, I can at least offer some comment.
Beware of buying second hand from a private person or from a shop without inspecting prior to purchase by someone who knows something about it.
There have been sales even from licenced gunshops where the item has been bodgied up , or its a cheap South American or European copy being
sold as the genuine article.
The ones with ejectors cost a bit more.
Lets cover the British ones first. within the budget or under of $2000.
Make sure that they are 2.75 inch chambers. not 2.5 inch.

Good Webley and Scott model 700 series can be bought with ejectors box lock $1500 to $2000, I owned a few of these.

Greener Shotguns Empire Model E17 with extractors and 2.75 inch chambers around the $1000 mark.
better grades slightly more.
I owned a E17 made circa 1925, Rare 3 inch magnum , being the third owner, I had it for 30 years, two game farmers owned it prior in the UK,
estimated to have fired a million rounds through it , still tight and good for its age when I sold it last year.

Cogswell box locks or with side plates, around the $1500 mark good value. owned a few of these.

William Rodgers ( Webley Actions ) are good value with ejectors. owned a few of these.

Joseph Lang box locks are also good.

Owned a couple of USA L C Smith good sturdy utility $500 to $1000

BSA English Box locks nothing out of the ordinary but strong and well built $300- $500

Hollowway also Hollowway and Naughton good value around the $1000.

European ones

FN good value around the $500 owned a couple

Franchi $500 to $700 OK owned one.

Darne ( French.) unusual loading system, strong $800 to $2000 depending on Model. had of couple of these.

Beretta OK $1000 had one.

German Simpson - Suhl. well made and strong, $600 to $800. owned a couple.
Qld Gun exchange had a sale on at greatly reduced priced one went for $200 and one for $300, great prices, give away prices.

Final choice is yours as to what you want to buy, the are all well made, some you are paying for the name, but all good buying at used prices.

Kind regards,
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Re: Good SxS Shotgun under $1500-2000? 12GA or 20GA

Post by bigpete » 14 Aug 2018, 9:18 pm

Seen a Pardus with ejectors and screw ins for under 2k the other day,single trigger, seemed pretty nice
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Re: Good SxS Shotgun under $1500-2000? 12GA or 20GA

Post by Diamond Jim » 11 Oct 2018, 1:11 am

I looked into a new Huglu hammerless (distributed by Winchester Australia and on their website) with 5 chokes for under $1000. I know they are Turkish but this gun is sold as a CZ in the USA and I have a lot of time for CZ rifles so I figure they would source their guns from a reputable maker. Both CZ and Huglu brands get good reviews.
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