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Re: Sulun Arms tac 12

Post by cloudsurfer » 13 Feb 2022, 7:34 am

Thanks for all the help. I finally managed to get it in, sheer brute force whilst pushing and twisting did it.

I doubt I'll ever get it out again though so I hope I don't have to lol.
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Re: Sulun Arms tac 12

Post by linkoln » 16 Feb 2022, 7:16 pm

You will need to get it out to clean the bolt, though I have read stories about guys who have never cleaned their shotgun.
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Re: Sulun Arms tac 12

Post by bigpete » 16 Feb 2022, 7:17 pm

Who cleans a shotgun ? Lololol
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Re: Sulun Arms tac 12

Post by Moto » 17 Mar 2022, 9:11 am

Sulun Arms TAC-12 Build

tac 1.jpeg
tac 1.jpeg (105.64 KiB) Viewed 2018 times

I’ve always wanted a Benelli M4 but living in Australia means that will never happen. So instead, I found a solid base gun and gave it a work over. The Australian version of the Tac-12 is a 95% clone of the M4 (apart from the collapsable stock and its not semi-auto). So there is a very good chance that aftermarket parts for the M4 will also fit the Tac-12 (it is impossible to make it semi-auto of course). I’ve included links to part sellers in Aus and in US & Italy who will ship to Aus. Have to say, I really enjoyed this project.

Trigger group assembly
Replaced entire trigger group assembly.
Replaced polymer trigger guard with A&S milled aluminum guard.
Replaced shell lifter with Taran Tactical polished stainless steel lifter. It sure is shiny.
Replaced all remaining parts (trigger, hammer, disconnector, springs, pins etc) with parts from Italy. This reduced trigger pull from 8 lbs to 6 lbs. OMPS2 sells spare parts that fit Benelli M1-M2. These parts also fit Tac-12 because many M1-M2 trigger parts are identical to M4 parts (apart from the guard for example) and it’s easier to find M1-M2 parts. The Italian parts appear to be slightly better finished than the Turkish parts but there’s not a lot of difference (I have comparison photos if anyone is interested). Note Tac-12 trigger and disconnector are different to Benelli. So if you replace the Tac-12 trigger you also need to replace the Tac-12 disconnector.

Bolt group assembly
Replaced ejector & spring with OMPS2 parts. Note the firing pin retaining pin is meant to come out by pulling with your fingers. Mine was well and truly stuck (apparently this is common) and I had to knock it out with a hammer and punch. I gave the pin shaft a light sand and polish before re-inserting and now it fits nicely.
Replaced existing knob with Toni Systems oversized bolt handle. Also tried Briley and Taran Tactical handles - there are so many to choose from. I settled on Toni as it is longer, which allows two fingers on the handle. Note some handles are designed to spin (GG&G handles) and some don’t. If you’re handle doesn’t ‘click’ into place, increase the chamfer on the end so that it can engage and push in the retaining pin.

Hand guard
Replaced polymer guard with Briley 8” M-LOK guard machined from 6061 aluminum. The hand guard fits perfectly without any movement. The key is getting the brackets snug. The hand guard bracket closest to the muzzle has a male collar that slides inside the barrel ring. This bracket is ever so slightly oversized and needs a very light file to fit tight without any wiggle. Don’t file it too much. I also tried an Arisaka handstop but found it more comfortable without it.

Recoil pad
Replaced existing recoil pad (its as hard as a rock) with Limbsaver #10403 recoil pad. The pad shape fits perfectly but you’ll need to add two small spacers hidden inside behind the lip of the stock. I used pieces of rubber and it snugged up nicely.

Smoothed out all the small imperfections and machining marks and polished all the internal feeding/sliding surfaces. Cerakoted internal and external surfaces in Elite series Midnight (including bolt group). Shout out to Ant at Specialised Industrial Coatings for the quality cerakoting.

Replaced rear iron sights and picatinny rail with Trijicon SRO red dot sight and Scalar Works SYNC/01 mount. You can leave the rear iron sight if you want to co-witness or remove if you prefer a de-cluttered view. Note the Tac-12 receiver has 6-48 threaded holes for the picatinny rail but the Benelli M4 and SYNC/01 mount are 8-40. So you need to switch the SYNC mount screws or re-tap the holes. I re-tapped the Tac-12 receiver to take the stronger 8-40 thread.

Muzzle break
No real reason apart from it looks mean. Comes in cylinder or extra full choke.

Low profile high power Arisaka Modlite PLHv2 with 18650 battery and Side Scout Mount M-LOK (the chamfer on the mount needs a slight file so that it sits flush on the hand guard). If you prefer to mount the light higher, the Offset Scout Mount fits perfectly.

Blue Force Gear - Vickers Padded Sling. I tried their Belt Fed Loop (which is very cool) but decided to stick with a TAB Gear QD sling mount.

Condor 42” Single Rifle Case. Just the right size. Quality construction with plenty of padding and pockets.

Oversize bolt release
I got one but decided against installing it. It sits on top of the existing button and looks like it might create a catch point.

Extended Safety
I got one of these too but again decided against using it. Ended up sticking with the original safety.

NOTE: Make sure you comply with Australian Border Force import requirements when importing parts from overseas. Speak to your local firearms dealer if you’re unsure. I don’t provide legal advice :)
tac 6.jpeg
tac 6.jpeg (98.09 KiB) Viewed 2018 times
tac 5.jpeg
tac 5.jpeg (106.29 KiB) Viewed 2018 times
tac 4.jpeg
tac 4.jpeg (86.31 KiB) Viewed 2018 times
tac 3.jpeg
tac 3.jpeg (76.56 KiB) Viewed 2018 times
tac 2.jpeg
tac 2.jpeg (89.43 KiB) Viewed 2018 times
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Re: Sulun Arms tac 12

Post by bladeracer » 17 Mar 2022, 12:11 pm

Looks like you built something you like :-)

Is the front sight really tall enough to co-witness with that dot? It looks too low? The rear sight must be very tall also?
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Re: Sulun Arms tac 12

Post by Moto » 17 Mar 2022, 12:40 pm

It is possible but its low. Here are some pics from the Scalar Works website with a RMR red dot.
scalarworks-sync-trijicon-rmr-mount-benelli-m4.jpg (18.42 KiB) Viewed 2008 times
scalarworks_sync_benelli_trijicon_rmr_co-witness.png (189.38 KiB) Viewed 2008 times
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Re: Sulun Arms tac 12

Post by DecaHex » 19 May 2022, 11:33 pm

Anyone know if the J Kenny autoloading lifter for the Benelli M2/M4 works in the Sulun?
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Re: Sulun Arms tac 12

Post by T3X@N » 10 Sep 2022, 2:36 am

My mate bought the TAC-12's cousin, the Prac-12 after returning his Adler on warranty (that's a different story). It was second hand, his reasoning being that it was "proven reliable"; I think not. This is the second shorter barrel that came with it. There is a huge crack running around the circumference of the chamber, not to mention it's rusting and there is porosity through the material. Thankfully he noticed this before firing it!
Prac-12 Barrel Failure
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