Trajectory of different projectile weights

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Re: Trajectory of different projectile weights

Post by Oldbloke » 29 May 2021, 8:02 pm

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Re: Trajectory of different projectile weights

Post by disco stu » 13 Jul 2021, 5:52 pm

So not feeling well for a few days (can I say the word without getting in trouble-vax scene, feyser :) ) I've been pondering this a little more and doing some reading. I'm keen to give this a go eventually.

Found a reasonable amount of options of projectiles in 308, but a really cheap option is cast bullets for 32 caliber having diameter of .312. I gather people use these for 30cal plinking rounds with good success from what I've read. My only concern here is leading of the barrel, but I gather being a little oversize is helpful here. Is this actually much of a issue?

While I started of thinking about the physics of trajectory and different mass projectile, for a small game cartridge to keep in my pocket while deer hunting I'm thinking if I had something that kept my current zero at say 50m or so would probably be perfect. I also gather that the lighter loads behave much better for what I'm thinking.
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