Legal minimum calibre for deer in nsw?

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Re: Legal minimum calibre for deer in nsw?

Post by Geoben » 12 Aug 2018, 10:46 am

6.5 x 55 mm works exceptionally well on big deer too. Funny thing is, it was developed around the same time as the .303, 30-06, and 7x 57mm Mauser rounds, its the same vintage of military round. Of all these rounds it has the highest BC of all of them.
Now if the minimum of .270 is applied, then this calibre is illegal to use in Victoria, as it comes in at .264. However with the high BC, this round at an equivalent weight of projectile, will make the longest wound channel. A .308, the shortest but widest. At distance, over 430m, the 6.5 x 55mm retains more energy that the .308, and far better accuracvy. Not that i would take shots over that distance. I suppose they regulate minimum calibres because if they don't, there are bound to be people out there trying to shoot deer with a .22LR. Fine if its point blank in a crush. Not ideal as its running through the bush!
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