Rifle Blueing

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Rifle Blueing

Post by Gunner » 12 Sep 2018, 12:51 pm

I have recently acquired an old Browning slide action (out of nostalgia) and am going to do it up. Seems like gunsmiths who can do bluing are now like hens' teeth. Any recommendations for NSW or alternatively, and recommendations for a do it yourself kit?
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Re: Rifle Blueing

Post by Bridgy » 15 Sep 2018, 12:04 am

I've just picked up some 'Perma Blue' by Birchwood Casey to touch up some worn areas on an old rifle of mine. The kit that BC do for re-blueing looks pretty easy to use, and the instructions are pretty clear. Lots of good videos on YouTube as well!

https://birchwoodcasey.com/sites/all/th ... e-2013.pdf
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Re: Rifle Blueing

Post by marksman » 15 Sep 2018, 2:49 pm

I have successfully used perma blue and would recommend it

however I use it differently, I clean and polish the metal to be blued and pour boiling hot water over it before applying the perma blue solution
I then leave it overnight, when I see it the next morning it is rusty really rusty, I then spray the rust with wd40 or similar and steel wool the rust off
then do it all over again, till you have the required finish, when you want to stop spray the job and leave it a few hours to stop the chemical reaction
polish it off and keep oil on it, obviously a gunsmith can do a better job
here's one I did a while ago with perma blue

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