Hatcher Stocks

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Re: Hatcher Stocks

Post by Stix » 12 Aug 2019, 12:40 pm

Bill wrote:Martini stocks predominantly came from Georgievski, had a few from Slee but I didnt like his fore end patterns. George makes a lovely stock in various styles but as his age has gone up so has his price lol. Still going, havent been to his new location. I also took the time to visit Vardy and select timber, worth the effort and price saving.

I have an excel spreadsheet of stock makers with numbers if your interested but ph numbers may have change.

Yep...interested..!!...ill pm my email...
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Re: Hatcher Stocks

Post by bigpete » 12 Aug 2019, 12:45 pm

Stix wrote:
bigpete wrote:I'm beginning to wonder if I do just go for a boyds to be honest.
His email response didn't exactly fill me with confidence...

I once enquired about a stock with him...
Emsil & 2 calls, finally got a reply a few weeks down the track--ssid he would get back to me...
A year later i got a call saying he had what i was enquiring about.
Not bitching...just saying how my experience played out...

His description of the unfinished stocks left a lot to be desired...and it seems way too much effort to have to basically do the inletting job for him,especially at his price point....
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