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Re: cleaning question

Post by Oldbloke » 31 Dec 2018, 7:57 pm

marksman wrote:it sounds to me like you have a sara lee effect and have not yet got your bore clean as Oldbloke said
try looking down the muzzle with a low light torch to see if you can see any copper down the bore
you can check by pushing a patch down the bore and seeing if it catches in places like a stop start, the patch should just smoothly push down the bore
you will still have fouling after the patches stop being discoloured, maybe try something more aggressive but leave it sit overnight and brush vigorously
SS barrels are not like CM barrels CM barrels have pores and will still show carbon a week after you clean it, SS should not

also if you do decide to try windex oil your bore after use, I have seen a chamber and bore ruined very quickly by a new guy who used windex and did not oil after

Agree, agree, agree.
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