Does anybody here have the "Hunt Pro HD16 Rifle Safe"?

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Does anybody here have the "Hunt Pro HD16 Rifle Safe"?

Post by TheFirearmEnthusiast » 01 Dec 2019, 6:40 pm

Hey Guys

I'm in the market for a rifle safe
I've been doing some research

And the "Hunt Pro HD 16 Rifle Safe" seems to have caught my attention

What I like about it is;
- I love the Digital Locking System
(No need for keys, wow, so good, keys are annoying)
- I love the fact that it can hold 16x firearms
(In reality, I know that it'll only hold like 10x firearms but that's still pretty good, 10x is still a good decent amount)
- It doesn't seem to be too too bulky
(The exterior size of it does seem to be okay for me)
- It does seem to be of pretty good quality
(From what I can tell)
- The price of it is pretty good
(Approximately $800, that's not too bad at all)

Does anybody here already have this rifle safe?

If anyone does, I would love to hear some feedback about it, some pros and cons before purchasing it next week

Thanks Folks!

Looking forward to hearing from youse
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Re: Does anybody here have the "Hunt Pro HD16 Rifle Safe"?

Post by pomemax » 01 Dec 2019, 8:38 pm

I bet it dont say 16 rifle is says 16 gun
IE :16 410 single barrel shotgu no scopes you will be lucky to get 10 in there
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Re: Does anybody here have the "Hunt Pro HD16 Rifle Safe"?

Post by bladeracer » 01 Dec 2019, 8:52 pm

It seems little different to my 20-rifle safes for $420 delivered to my door.
The lock box on top is neat, but if it were inside the main safe it wouldn't need that lock mechanism. Although that door has four side pins, mine only has three, but mine also has a pin at the top and bottom. The shelving in the door seems superfluous, I don't keep anything in the safe except my firearms so nothing requiring shelves. Materials are the same although my door is 4mm sheet (yes, I have measured it).

I have a 10-rifle safe that I think is a little better than these, but only because it requires two keys if you don't use the keypad.

You can put higher-quality keypads and locks on them if you want to but I doubt they make much difference. One of my safes has a four-sided key that I like, I've never managed to pick one but it would still drill out very easily. The circular keys can be hard to pick, and are also a little harder to drill through.
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Re: Does anybody here have the "Hunt Pro HD16 Rifle Safe"?

Post by Faedy » 03 Dec 2019, 12:01 am

yep, got one, and I struggle to get 8 guns with scopes and two without in it.
Pisses me off no end, and door always jams on slings etc
Ended up having to keep my old 8 gun safe as well grrr
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