Securely storing keys to a gun safe?

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Re: Securely storing keys to a gun safe?

Post by Die Judicii » 23 Jan 2023, 10:23 pm

womble wrote:In my person ?

More to the point,,,,,, do the keys "in your person" turn you on ? :lol:
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Re: Securely storing keys to a gun safe?

Post by womble » 24 Jan 2023, 3:11 am

I have given this a lot of thought and I probably don’t want would be thieves going into my ass.
There’s only so much you can do and I have insurance.
Spending the whole day walking around with a key in my ass just isn’t worth it.
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Re: Securely storing keys to a gun safe?

Post by Toadstool » 27 Jan 2023, 5:26 pm

MontyShooter wrote:Unless the key is in the lock when the inspection occurs, I'm struggling to see how this could present any form of problem for you. It's not like the copper starts searching your house looking for the key.

Yeah exactly. I keep my key on TOP of the safe some times (when im home). It mustnt be illegal as one of these times I've had police conduct a search warrant on my house and had to open the safe infront of them.
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Re: Securely storing keys to a gun safe?

Post by NorthWester » 27 Jan 2023, 6:06 pm

In over 30 years of firearms ownership in WA, which has seen my firearms stored at over 8 locations, I've only ever been inspected once.

This was in Karratha in the early 90's when I got a knock at the front door around 10pm to be confronted by a torch beam in the face asking to inspect my safe.

Back then the keys were in a safe place, so I retrieved them, let them in, opened the safe, and in 2 minutes they were gone. Got the feeling they were just ticking a box at the time.

Nowadays my firearms are not stored at my residence but elsewhere as I got sick of moving the safe between rentals and having to get permission (sometimes) by the landlords to mount the safe. Whilst I own the home, I'm in now, I have left the safe elsewhere and just pick up the firearms when needed (only 5min away).

I thought WAPOL would have an issue with this, but when I sent in the form with all the details and an explanation as to why, they didn't seem to have any issues. The form actually accommodates the different storage location.

So, in my case if they want to inspect the safe, they will need to contact me first and I'll need to meet them at the alternate location with my keys. I actually have a sign on the front of the safe that states the keys are stored elsewhere. Afterall I'd be in trouble if I left the keys with owner of the residence.

My understanding is that it is likely new laws will be introduced to state the need for a keypad or similar instead of keys to avoid the key in the safe or near it issue. The thing is these all come with override keys too..... so won't solve much...
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