Which Electronic Ear Plugs?

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Re: Which Electronic Ear Plugs?

Post by xDom » 24 Mar 2019, 6:21 pm

Gaznazdiak wrote:If only there was something we could attatch to our firearms to easily and safely protect our hearing and still maintain our situational awareness.

Oh wait......

Totally agree, personally I'd rather have access to suppressors than semi-autos. Just sayin'
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Re: Which Electronic Ear Plugs?

Post by mickb » 24 Apr 2019, 7:34 pm

I agree about sliencers. Just some random information is that there is still nothing that truly protects ears from gun noise.

Guns run at 150-170DB( and there is debate amont experts whether we can even accurately measure impulse noise that high yet, it may be even higher). Hearing protection reduces noise 20-35DB. If you do the math you can still be getting very loud impulses getting through....

Wearing two sets of hearing protection does not add both reduction values together. Aka plugs at 25db and muffs at 25db does not equal 50DB reduction. You only get an extra 5-10db reduction for the extra set.

The reason is even when the auditory canal is blocked, sound still penetrates to the ears as vibration through the teeth, front of the face and skull, particularly the bones around the ear. This is called bone conduction.

There is no way to block most bone conduction, though old school ear muffs with heavy clamping force will at least reduce it to the bones around the ear.

Also worth noting the canal blockers( foam plugs and cens etc) ratings are considered to be most accurate for continual industrial noise, not impulse noise.

Sorry to play devils advocate, of course any hearing protection is better than none and its great to see the young generation wearing them as ours was very lax. I wish someone would have mentioned the above back when I was 20. I probably wouldn't have listened but anyway :D
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