Electronic Ear Pro & Custom Ear Plugs

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Electronic Ear Pro & Custom Ear Plugs

Post by wooosaah » 11 Dec 2018, 7:49 am

Does anyone use ear pro that cuts off sounds at higher levels? Does this get annoying if it cuts in and out frequently on a pistol range/comp?

I am looking at getting custom ear plugs and 2 options are:
- Designed for shooter, 15db protection constant and increases to 33db when detects loud noise
- Solid plug up to 40db

Could anyone with the electronic on/off type of pro advise the effect when it cuts in and out? If im doing 25m pistol and 10 guys are shooting rounds at different intervals is it going to be going on off on off? or if I shoot a lever action rifle in quick succession.

With the solid plugs will I be able to hear range commands?

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Re: Electronic Ear Pro & Custom Ear Plugs

Post by pomemax » 11 Dec 2018, 8:53 am

The answer is yes try the solids first they are cheaper some people cant wear them , on a realy hot day after a few hours it feels like you have been swimming .
https://www.earmold.com.au/insta-mold-c ... e-earplugs
I was trying them out with rifles at the week end I was shooting up to 300 wsm no problems at all that was after a few hours with the pistols.
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