All you can shoot .22LR target buffet

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All you can shoot .22LR target buffet

Post by green_comet » 07 Jan 2019, 9:00 pm

So I wanted a bit of target variety when I go out to the range, I made this up with a cheap saw horse from Bunnings, chain, target frame, corflute, a few spinner targets and a home made gong.

It works really well, the targets all slip out and it packs flat for transport. A few of the range officers at Eagle Park seemed to love the idea, so I thought I'd post it up here in case anyone else was tempted to make one.

Quick action video here

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Re: All you can shoot .22LR target buffet

Post by straightshooter » 08 Jan 2019, 6:33 am

Seems like a fun setup especially for newcomers to shooting.
I hope it flies under the radar of range inspection type people who on a bad day might get apoplexy at the amount of steel in the setup.
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Re: All you can shoot .22LR target buffet

Post by Daddybang » 08 Jan 2019, 6:41 am

Nice work!! :thumbsup: :drinks:
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Re: All you can shoot .22LR target buffet

Post by JimTom » 08 Jan 2019, 6:48 am

Nice work mate. I like it.
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