Fallow sign and tips

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Re: Fallow sign and tips

Post by Stix » 11 Apr 2019, 9:54 pm

Unbelievable Jon...

You know a taxidermist mate...?

Or you do a smash-n-grab at the museum so you could upload a fancy pic...


Good luck to ya mate...

Ive done a quick scout around a new property & there are deer running all through it...
Even a big grassy area absolutely covered in poopies, but unfortunately other people frequent there & make life difficult.

Ive got to get to know this deer hunting bizo--if i knew their behaviour well, i could perch myself in some shrubbery 100 yds away & pop myself a wee fallow of two...
The man who knows everything, doesnt really know everything...he's just stopped learning...
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