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Game hunting and large prey. Deer stalking, hunting with hounds. Boar, pigs etc., large prey, culling, hunting large feral animals.

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Post by trekin » 01 Dec 2018, 6:41 pm

JSS wrote:
trekin wrote:
Daddybang wrote:"Catastrophic" as a rating was only brought in up here after the Victorian fires in 2009(?) as far as im aware? :unknown: :drinks:

Was the 2009 Camberra fires, and was because the old rating system was based only on certain types of fires under certain conditions in certain areas, and didn't fully express the levels of severity of what was then rated at severe.At the same time they dropped the low rating as it was believed that there was really no such thing as a low rating in Australia.

The big Canberra fire "firestorm" was 2003, i was in it. So if it was changed in 2009 it must have been because of Vic........... Or the Gov is just 6 years behind the times which is also possible :lol: :lol:

Yeah, sorry, the new rating system was introduce in 09, but it was the Camberra fires that made them reevaluate the rating system to make it work across all areas of Australia.
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