Horse hunting

Game hunting and large prey. Deer stalking, hunting with hounds. Boar, pigs etc., large prey, culling, hunting large feral animals.

Re: Horse hunting

Post by Blr243 » 08 Jan 2021, 12:53 pm

I think they have a court appearance in January. If I remember properly
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Re: Horse hunting

Post by Ziege » 08 Jan 2021, 1:12 pm

Bello wrote:Horse meat has been used in the past by may cultures. I understand mortadella was made from horse meat in days gone by.
It's all they had in some places. I believe it is still used in some culture today.
As for training a horse, a stock whip if you can manage to use one without injuring yourself, of you can buy 22LR blanks.
As for caliber, I myself would prefer 270 or 308 and above.

Ps: don't mention this tread to my wife or daughters, they are mad keep horse riders :crazy:

Ugh horses, they get tired, easily injured, need constant care, cost a fortune, so much cheaper to just buy yourself a brand new motorbike every 2 years.
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