Lee Enfield myths?

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Re: Lee Enfield myths?

Post by bladeracer » 26 Jan 2019, 3:55 am

Bazooker wrote:
bladeracer wrote:
in2anity wrote:Very informative video thanks for sharing- it’s always refreshing to hear an ACTUAL expert talk about something they feel passionate about. Far removed from the regular s**t talk you here at public ranges.

I was told yesterday that you can get semi-auto conversions for M96 Swede Mausers...

He was nearly right, he may have been thinking of the M1903 springfield



I'm looking at buying his M96 so I don't think he could confuse it with something else.
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Re: Lee Enfield myths?

Post by vmaxaust » 01 Feb 2019, 5:51 am

winton wrote:
ZXRR wrote:Watching the video made my No4 mk1 feel lonely in the safe, now i need to open my wallet and buy a No 1 Mk III :violin:

I though the No.4 was an improvement over the No.1.

Anyone hold a differing view?

Opinions as to which is or isn't a better rifle are moot. They were made as battle rifles...cost of production, reliability in the field, rapid fire potential, rapid reloading etc. etc were more relevant than which is a better rifle. I have a no.3 Lithgow, no.4 mark II and two Jungle carbine no.5's. Love shooting all of them. Those actions regardless of which specific version is still hard to beat today. Saying one is better than the other is purely subjective opinion.
I don't have a favourite, love them all and shoot them often.
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