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Re: Howa varmint real life use

Post by PCHammond » 15 Mar 2019, 4:50 pm

Cal-ApeR wrote:Nice work mate. Good shooting.

PCHAMMOND - owned a tikka before buying a Howa. Both shot well but the tikka was slightly more accurate and much smoother bolt . Trigger was very crisp too. The Howa was bought new for a great price. It suffered from a crappy trigger though. They have improved significantly since then. It copped a beating and I didn't feel bad. The $900 difference in cost had me being way too protective of the tikka. Babied it too much.

Both get the job done well. If cost was an issue, I'd definitely recommend the Howa, especially over the cheap line ups of today, i.e Ruger American, remember 783 etc. If mid range budget, you'd be very happy with a tikka. Big budget would have me buying Sako any day. The Howa to me is a tool that does the job well. Look after it and you can't go wrong. I convinced my mate to go this way. Can't go wrong

I completely understand this.

I know the Tikka would be better, but for the price of a Tikka you can get a Howa in a chassis. But on the other hand, a Tikka is a Tikka and I could choose to improve it in the future too. For the price difference between the Tikka and the Howa, I could improve the glass by alot though. And threads like this showing how good the Howa groups makes it real difficult!
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