What size cartridges can fit into a martini cadet?

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Re: What size cartridges can fit into a martini cadet?

Post by andym79 » 01 Jan 2019, 8:21 am

ultramag wrote:Hi , i would like to share my experience with the Cadet action .
I have a 12/15 thickwall in 220 swift "YES" 220 swift. The 220 wby rocket also makes it around the bend .The barrel tennon is .810 x 20 TPI pretty much what the win 94 lever action is , this leaves plenty of meat on both action and chamber walls .The swift being semi rimmed is also ideal in the fact you don't require a rimless extractor .
Another project that has turned out very well is put a match 223 ackly reamer in to head space on a necked up 204 case . Use the easily obtainable 223 ackly dies with a spacer and away you go .3 750 fps with 50gn V-Max and open the action and the case falls out .( i am using a Snapps rimless extractor .)
I have used Hennessy's in Townsville , Owen is very knowledgeable and seems enthusiastic to get the work done on interesting projects .
My latest build is 30-30 ackley benchrest rifle on a standard model 12 cadet , nearly same case capacity as 30BR , should be fun .

I still can't believe a 220 Swift, it would be awesome, how much thicker is the 12/15 around the barrel tenon than a standard cadet?

How much did the block trough need to be deepened?
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