How to upload pictures

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How to upload pictures

Post by Aster » 07 Jan 2014, 9:01 am

Pictures can be uploaded to the forum when posting a topic or a reply.

To upload a picture, do the following:

1) At the bottom of the posting screen there is a tab for 'upload attachment'. This tab will show when posting a topic, or if you're replying to a topic you need to use the 'full editor' not the 'quick reply' box.

2) When you're on the 'upload attachment' tab click the 'choose file' button, select the file from your computer, type a description for the picture in the box provided and click 'add the file'.

3) After a moment, the screen will update and show the picture you have uploaded. You can repeat the above step to upload multiple images.

4) When you've uploaded everything and have a list of pictures in front of you, you can click 'place inline' button next to each picture to insert the picture where you want it in your topic or reply. If you don't click 'place inline' all the pictures will appear at the bottom of your reply by default.

Note: There is a file size limit of 1 megabyte per picture. If your pictures are too large you will get a message saying so. If a picture is too large it will need to be resized before it can be uploaded to the forum.
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