How to report inappropriate content

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How to report inappropriate content

Post by Aster » 30 Jan 2017, 3:52 pm

For the most part we have an excellent community here with few problems as far as content goes, but occasionally something does arise.

(Usually a disagreement that devolves into an overly heated and inappropriate or pointless argument, or rivalry.)

As I'm sure everyone realises, moderators can't be everywhere at every moment. It can take some time for moderators to filter through everything and find problems, and some times thing can slip through the cracks.

For this reason, there is a "Report this post" link on every topic and reply. The button is the triangle icon with an exclamation point inside, as highlighted in the picture below:

report-post.jpg (56.27 KiB) Viewed 3666 times

If you see something you feel is inappropriate for the forum, please report it.

At any given time there are a lot of active topics and new replies on the forum and it takes time for moderators to cover all the ground. When a topic/reply is reported by a member, we're directly notified and can address potential problems promptly.
See you on the firing line.
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