Beretta Blu 12ga reloading

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Beretta Blu 12ga reloading

Post by LikeAntiques » 15 Dec 2018, 10:50 pm

Long time listener first time poster here.

I got a box of empty Beretta Blu shells from 1984. Aussie made by Olin! Pic of spec on the box attached. I want to reload them to factory spec and was hence wondering if anyone knows what the maketing speak from the time means in 2018:

Ball Powder - I assume it's either Winchester WST or WSF? Which one would it be do you think?
Polished and hardened no 8 shot. Pretty self explanatory - I assume any antimony hardened shot including winchester's own will do.
Here's the duzy: "European style "unitised" wadding (plastic soft cup plus cork/fibre filler wad). What the heck does this mean?

IMG_5725 (1246x1280).jpg
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