Spare .451 Projectiles available

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Spare .451 Projectiles available

Post by Rod_outbak » 04 Feb 2019, 8:24 am


Doing a bit of an inventory, and decided I'm never likely to use some of the excess projectiles I have accumulated.

I have these .451 projectiles(bought to suit a .45ACP) to go to a good home:

Hornady part No 45100: 185 HP/XTP (5 boxes of 100 each) [Currently retail for ~$45 per 100]
Sierra part No 8800: 185 JHP (2 boxes of 100 each) [Currently retail for ~$65 per 100]

I'll sell them for $25 per box plus postage; PM me if you are interested.
I'll give preference to people who want the lot.

Even though the boxes have been sitting there for ~15 years, these are decent hunting projectiles; no idea if they'd be any good on the range.
I'm getting rid of them because I still have ~800 Speer Gold-Dot 185 JHP's, plus about 250 SWC 200gn leads, and if I'm realistic, I'll be decades before I use them up.


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