Not happy with SSAA!

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Re: Not happy with SSAA!

Post by grandadbushy » 16 May 2018, 9:19 pm

G'day Ramslamer mate I don't know where you got your info about we're only allowed to own guns to compete ,unless you know something we don't
As far as changing the stock changes the gun to a short rifle, well there are several hand guns that were built to receive a extended stock and one is
the Luger and I think there is a couple of Russian ones but they are still classed as a hand gun
If gun clubs are going to be powerful enough to stipulate what guns can be used on their ranges without having to compete ( mind you they have to be registered)
then we are wasting our money joining them because they are in the position to diminish our rights to own a gun for the legal reason we chose to use them
Also sport ,any sport is used for having fun, good , clean , legal fun
All comp shooting has rules like caliber, safety, points scoring and various others so its like you can't put a truck in a formula 1 race so you must have guide lines and controls

The more I read about this post the more I believe I have wasted my money by joining the ssaa as we don't have to be part of it or a club up here to own a gun
so there you go we can own a gun for hunting and feral control not only comps
If gun clubs are going to let only people in comps to shoot on their ranges then in my opinion they are about to loose a lot of revenue through non comp people
not being able to shoot there, not everybody wants to be in comps
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Re: Not happy with SSAA!

Post by brett1868 » 16 May 2018, 11:16 pm

Stix, mate...Ramslamer's having a crack at the NFA through sarcasm rather then endorsing it. He's pretty well nailed it as the govt fella doesn't want us having any fun with guns cause it upsets them. (NSW Centric) When a club is formed they get endorsed by the registry as to what competitions they can run which then dictates what PTA's can be approved in conjunction to the ranges caliber approvals. If you join a club focused purely on ISSF completion based at a range approved for only 22LR then getting a PTA for a .357 cannot happen. That said, there's no rule about how many clubs you can belong to provding you notify the registry which one is your primary for reporting purposes. I'm a member of 2 pistol clubs at the moment and about to join a 3rd purely because it's an outdoor range and I can shoot my Colt Walker 44 ther :)
As I'm also member of another club that runs virtually the full spectrum of comps I've been fortunate enough to be able to buy pretty much anything I've liked by way of pistols because the club is approved for competitions that use them. Remember the "Genuine Need" clause....I've no shortage of Genuine Need with 3 clubs and a son in a pistol club with me :)
It's stupid, I know but that's the rules we have to play by a the moment. I'd love to see recreational hunting with pistols made legal, it's a nice fit between bows and rifles.
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Re: Not happy with SSAA!

Post by sungazer » 17 May 2018, 9:32 am

I dont think that will ever happen in my life time. I just cant see a few blokes going camping and all wearing sidearms. Can you imagine the amount of guns that would suddenly be bought. Not that i mind that but it would be a massive flood.
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Re: Not happy with SSAA!

Post by Stix » 17 May 2018, 11:52 pm

Hi Brett,
Well maybe i read ramslammers post differently.
To be honest, being a first post, sounded to me like a SSAA member/heirachy/defendant/overlord doing the 'passive aggressive' giving of reasons (by way of playing devils advocate) why the OP had/has the issues at the said club with his pistol...(& those reasons appear all fair enough & ive not an issue with that).

Now i can only dream of having the time & money to be a handgunner, but im not, so ive no overwhelming need to understand why any club cant give an 'open' comp for anyything/everything in legal handgun, just to satisfy the 'genuine need' clauses.

So if i read it wrong, im happy to apologise to ramslammer, & i would make a point of doing so if he isnt a SSAA official trying to defend the poor treatment the SSAA gave to the OP...!!

Unfortunately the reality is, that the culture i 'reacted' to, DOES exist in certain ranks.
And at the end of the day, the OP should have been given all relevant info immediately, but unfortunately he wasnt. Rather, going by what he has said, he's been made to feel the persecuted one...and i believe THAT is the main point here, & a point that appears to rear its ugly head all too often.

As for hunting with should be allowed...period.
Ive not been lucky enough to ever go pigging, but from what i hear, i wouldnt want to go in thick bushland chasing big bad bobby boar without a decent handgun strapped to my leg.
Handgun/small .22lr pistol would also be handy strapped to leg for general hunting to dispatch wounded animals.
And, i confess, it would also be 'no fun at all' to use one on that very occasional but not so skitchy rabbit that sits 3 metres from the car blinded by the blitz. :shock:
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Re: Not happy with SSAA!

Post by Rod_outbak » 18 May 2018, 6:22 am


The few times I've ventured into pork-infested scrub, I'd recommend clutching something bitey like a short-barrelled .30-30, with a big-arse handgun as your backup.
[There is something much more comforting in knowing that if the damn rifle jams, you can flog a pig to death with the .30-30 before Mrs Porkey takes your leg off, if need be...]

A semi-auto shotgun also works wonders as Plan A, in thick scrub.

Personally, I find handguns really useful for carrying on a bike, but I find they arent quite as fantastic when using them as the primary hunting weapon. Probably the fact that a .30-30 can nail anything from 2 metres, right out past 150 metres, without hassle.
[Might be slightly different if I had a .357 Magnum, I suppose.... .45's fly like bricks.]

And one of my most enjoyable moments with a handgun, has been blowing feral cats out of a tree with .45 shotshells, at 11pm.
WHY a pair of feral toms would be stupid enough to have fight in the gum tree outside my bedroom is a mystery, but the only one laughing after the gunfire ended, was Roddy...


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