Handling .22 before buying/ Best Melbourne pistol suppliers

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Handling .22 before buying/ Best Melbourne pistol suppliers

Post by Hammar » 22 Jul 2019, 3:00 pm

Sorry for the word vomit title.
Basically I'm looking to buy my first .22 pistol, which will mainly be for target shooting (possibly some general plinking as well) and I preferably would like to get my hands on some different pistols to see how they feel, weigh etc. before making any purchases. I'd prefer to avoid going through all the hassle of reselling if my first gun doesn't feel right in the hand.

I'm currently looking at newer models such as the Benelli MP 95E, Hammerli X-Esse, Feinwerkbau AW93, Smith & Wesson Model 41 and Pardini as straight sport pistols, and the Ruger MKIV, Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory Target Model as more general pistols that can be upgraded to be competition shooting suitable, but still be readily used for more relaxed shooting and just having fun.

However, I currently live in the Riverina in rural NSW so there are very few gun stores around that have a range of pistols in-store that you can physically get your hands on before buying (there's one in Albury that I'll visit soon, and I think another in Canberra as well that I may have a look at).

I will be heading to East Melbourne in the coming week for other matters and was wondering if anyone knew which gun stores have the best available range of pistols in-store who allow you to inspect and handle them that I could possibly visit. I know Clayton Firearms and the Gun Emporium look to have a good range on their websites, but it doesn't look like any other stores range handguns, only shotguns and rifles.

Any help will be appreciated.
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Re: Handling .22 before buying/ Best Melbourne pistol suppli

Post by Sarco » 22 Jul 2019, 8:46 pm

Firstly, you can ONLY target shoot at range comps or practice for a range comp at an approved range.

You haven't said what your budget is. Get the best you can afford

Go to your club, talk to everybody that has a 22 pistol and ask them.
I would be surprised if any didn't allow you to fondle their 22s and probably even put a heap of shots through them.
Then make you decision.
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Re: Handling .22 before buying/ Best Melbourne pistol suppli

Post by Supaduke » 23 Jul 2019, 2:52 pm

Also if you don't have a cat H license you can forget handling one. Few , if any since the Thornbury robbery, actually have any pistols on display. Most shops are a bit leary of letting the general public handle pistols.
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Re: Handling .22 before buying/ Best Melbourne pistol suppli

Post by Macross » 23 Jul 2019, 4:32 pm

Good advise there from Sarco…. speak to everyone you can at the club and I think most would be happy to let you check out their pistols.... Im in the same boat and still waiting on licensing to come through. Thing I have found is that most pistol shooters love to talk about pistols... so open with a question like "is that an xyz… ive been reading up about those!" and 9 times out of 10 I reakon you will be shooting it within minutes.
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