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Glock Sub Compact

Post by Rider888 » 17 Aug 2019, 3:45 pm

Just wondering if I can buy a Glock Sub Compact on my H licence and if not, how can I make this happen?
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Re: Glock Sub Compact

Post by Chinballs » 20 Aug 2019, 3:55 am

Rider888 wrote:Just wondering if I can buy a Glock Sub Compact on my H licence and if not, how can I make this happen?

Not with the factory standard barrel. The frame size is irrelevant as long as the barrel is at least 120mm long.

You could get one on a collector license. Some states are harder than others and you normally can't shoot them whenever you want either. NSW isn't that hard to get post '46 handguns but it does take some time.

If you want one of the single stack sub compacts you are probably out of luck as I don't recall anyone making 120mm+ length barrels for them simply due to the fact there is no market. The barrel from a double stack won't fit the single stacks either. If you want a sub compact because you have small hands it won't make a difference. The grip of the 9mm double stack subcompacts are the same thickness as a G17A/G34.

Below is my Gen 3 Glock 26 with a Lone Wolf G19XL barrel cut down to 121mm and threaded. I would not recommend going down this path for any other reasons than "Because I can" or "I have money to piss away." It is not comfortable to shoot a lot of rounds and the tiny sight radius makes hitting anything at more than medium distances extremely challenging. I got the pistol for cost price as my brother worked for a dealer at the time and sold the original factory barrel which offset the cost of buying and modifying the Lone Wolf barrel.

For the setup below retail is going to be:
Glock 26 Gen 3: $890
Lone Wolf G19XL: $245 (Guns 'n' Gear)
Cut and threaded: $80 (local guy, price is from memory)
Postage and dealer transfer: Depends on your dealer. Probably another $100 at least considering there's three lots of postage

Total: ~$1315 for a novelty gun you won't emjoy shooting

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