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Post by brett1868 » 21 Dec 2018, 12:39 pm

Boo wrote:Hello, Mr Pedantic here, re a few posts back, just remember that a pistol is a pistol and a revolver is a revolver and never the two shall interchange. Happy Xmas :)

This view depends on whether a person subscribes to the English or American definitions and given the ambiguity both could be correct. Technically according to 1 definition a pistol has the barrel integral to the ammunition in which a revolver / semi auto don't fit the definition. I'm of the personal view that all are hand guns and to add detail they created sub types. Pistol, Revolving Pistol, Semi Auto Pistol, Machine the end of the day it's all semantics and who gives a crap... :D
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Re: Your choice of pistol

Post by Urastus » 28 Dec 2018, 10:37 am

Mark IV hunter.jpg
Mark IV hunter.jpg (28.21 KiB) Viewed 395 times
Actually, for a .22 I may very well get a ruger mark iv stainless hunter with the wood grips. The grips look as though they can be used left or right, which is good, because I practice both
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Re: Your choice of pistol

Post by zhuk » 30 Dec 2018, 9:29 pm

Bremen wrote:I like unusual firearms or interesting designs. I have a Grand Power K100, am currently looking for a used Desert Eagle. I'd probably get a Chiappa Rhino, FN57, a bunch of historical mil-sups(Tokarev etc).

If you want to get a Tokarev on a target licence, remember that it must be held by a dealer/gunsmith who can add the extra 5mm of barrel to make it target legal :roll: before you can take possession. Mine was seamlessly silver soldered by my club's gunsmith/armourer, and I was lucky to get the last 500 rounds of Winchester factory 7.62x25 left in Australia before they shipped the rest of the several 1000 rnds they had (covered in dust in their Geelong warehouse lol) to India...after they lied and told me I could buy as much as I wanted :P

You can reload with converted .223 cases, though I've never if not on a Collector's licence be aware you will likely never find ammo for it if you don't reload.

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