LED drive lights (HELP)

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Re: LED drive lights (HELP)

Post by Blr243 » 24 Nov 2018, 3:28 pm

I bought from opposite lock nitro leds for $ 1300. I will never buy cheap leds. I also bought 1300 dollar lightforce hybrids. Both sets are fine. I will always ignore the lumens ratings because from a retailer POV they are a great way to make performance sound a lot bet than the truth. Lux ( real intensity ) is what I look for. But from a marketing POV tons of people think 22000 lumens sounds better than 1 lux at 1800 metres
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Re: LED drive lights (HELP)

Post by Member-Deleted » 27 Nov 2018, 11:53 am

Both of my young blokes have just bought the Kings LED's, for a cheap light they are extremely bright, throwing a good distance as well as lighting up the sides of the road, they are very well built with good strong mounts, I have a set of Narva HID's on my ute, they are good lights but the warming up time compared to the instant light of the LED's is the only downside.


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