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CZ 455 Accessories

Post by Rod_outbak » 28 Nov 2018, 9:43 am


It's been ~5 weeks since my new CZ 455(.17HMR Stainless Synthetic) made it's appearance. I took a good fortnight getting some CZ rings to fit the 11mm dovetail (Talley), but the rifle has now been sighted in, and has claimed a few kills. Overall, I'm impressed with the .17HMR round, and the Vortex Crossfire II scope is certainly more than I really need. But the rifle is pretty darned fantastic overall.
However, I have plans...

I bought a few accessories for the new CZ. Not all of these are essential, but they better work with what I have in mind for the rifle long-term.

So, I installed a Lowy trigger kit a week back, and it's not bad. It certainly works as advertised, and I think that trigger is much better.
However, the DIP sear is more adjustable, and at some stage when I get a rush of blood, I'll see what it's like.
[The factory trigger is likely okay for hunting with the .22LR barrel installed, but seriously underwhelming for the distances the .17HMR will shoot].

So, the rail is intended to replace the Talley rings, which I'm not 100% thrilled about. They work just fine, but I dont really like them. I also want to be able to swap the scope out for a night-vision scope(has integrated Picatinny mount) we have here, which turned out to be useless for the 7mm-08, as the recoil upsets it. I will trial it on the .17HMR, as I have some hope it will work fine. If so, that will cause much angst amongst the rabbito gang on their nightly forays to strip-mine my freaking garden...
Might even get to share the love with a cat or two, if I play my cards right...

I'm impressed with the finish of the Area 419 rail; no sharp edges, and seems to be well thought-out. As a brand, they seems to make nice stuff. I also see they are one of the few who install a recoil lug for their Tikka T3 rails, and I think there are only a few who do so.

I bought these items though Delta Tactical.

[NOTE: I think all of this gear will fit the CZ 452 as well, though this rail is for the 11mm dovetail, and not the 3/8" one.]

Anyway; thought it might be useful to other people taking the CZ 455 path.
20181127_113625 (2).JPG
Underside of the Area 419 rail. 4 cross-bolts to clamp the rail to the CZ dovetail, and a spirit-level built in the butt-end. no idea what the level is going to do for me, but it wasnt a decider for me anyway.
20181127_113625 (2).JPG (205.74 KiB) Viewed 181 times
20181127_113527 (2).JPG
Area 419 Rail in profile. Nice finish to it.
20181127_113527 (2).JPG (159.08 KiB) Viewed 181 times
20181127_113200 (2).JPG
A DIP Extended magazine catch, a DIP adjustable sear, spring kit to suit, and an Area 419 15 MOA rail.
20181127_113200 (2).JPG (396.93 KiB) Viewed 181 times
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