.22 rimfire barrel cleaning. Costly mistake.

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Re: .22 rimfire barrel cleaning. Costly mistake.

Post by Stix » 10 Jan 2019, 10:37 pm

bigrich wrote:sadly stix, good customer service in general is rare these days . the sales guy and dealer should have taken it upon themselves to sort it out and look after you . i get on some american forums and winchester seem to have a good rep over there. but berreta USA and remington had a lot of complaints from what i saw . i think it was flyer on this forum that had a issue with his weihrauch and the melbourne distributer sent him another stock and trigger with the unused parts to be returned. ( correct me if i'm wrong flyer ), now that's service . if someones fool enough to rip me or stuff me around i put the word around real fast . is ya cz better now but stix ?

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Well funny you ask Rich....for the short answer, skip down to the last line... :thumbsup: for the dramatised Mr Bean version, read on from here :D

..last at the range it went awal...It was shooting Win Sub HP's good enough for comfortable head shots on bunnies at 60yds & that suits me as i always have the 204 sitting next to me for a real bang :thumbsup: ...but i put 2x 5 shot groups through it & the second group sprayed...(seems an all too common thing with my rifles lately..!! :evil: )
So another 2 groups did the same...
Tried CCI Sub HP's & they grouped fine, but until now the rifle hasn't overly liked them... :unknown: :crazy:

So up the farm a few days ago i adjusted the scope in the rings (it has been ever so slightly canted & as a builder with a keen eye that really pisses me off every time i look through it).
Sighted her in again...all good... :thumbsup:
Then looking closely at it, i notice the barrel is not centred as it used to be, so i decide to take it out of the stock, give its belly a rub with oil & straighten it up....well that there my friend was the point which turned a 5 minute exercise into an hour n a bit ordeal... :roll:

I noticed the rear screw was loose...no not loose, but was not tight...so i tensioned it all up..to 35 inch lbs actually...re sighted it in & it shot everything everywhere & the barrel was now touching the side of forend despite my desperate manipulation ...1.5"-2" groups was the best it would print now with any ammo i had on me FFS... :crazy: FMD i was furious...it was about 7pm by this time & i wanted to go smash some bunnies with it in daylight as i was bored with the 204, but here i was with a bludy 22 that was carrying on like a winy old bag & just being difficult for the sake of it... :unknown: :crazy:

So i ended up pulling it out again, tensioned both front & rear up to 25 in/lbs & it shot probably .75-1"...
Well that was it...id wasted my dinner time stuffing with this stick of minerals & plant stored carbon so i was off to the other block...& guess what i got when i was out there...Bloody nothing...the wind was howling a good 15-20 mph & no bunny was to be seen... :roll:

I sit back & laugh now :lol: , but at the time i was effing furious....!!

Now for the short answer...NO...its not great at all...it needs to be floated & bedded...but i think it will be a cracker once thats done... :thumbsup:
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Re: .22 rimfire barrel cleaning. Costly mistake.

Post by bigrich » 11 Jan 2019, 4:43 am

I like the Mr Bean tv series a lot :D you don’t drive a green mini do you stix ? :lol: if you bed it, make sure you post it all cause I’ve considered doing that to my Cz as well

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Re: .22 rimfire barrel cleaning. Costly mistake.

Post by Wm.Traynor » 11 Jan 2019, 11:59 am

I just hope i remember its you that has done it so if i ever own one with the problem ill know who to PM...
But, although my memory "thinks" its good, the reality is ill forget not only you, but what this whole thing was about.:[/quote]

I keep a little notebook in the same pencil case where the bolt is kept. FWIW mate :thumbsup:
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