Remington Tyrant XGP .22 Air rifle

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Remington Tyrant XGP .22 Air rifle

Post by Jon79 » 04 Jan 2019, 2:29 pm

Anyone else tried one of these? Bought one the other day to play around with, not sure if it’s crap or just haven’t found pellets that work in it....

Tried some BSA Elite pellets first off and it sprayed them everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE!

Had some spare time just now and tried 3 more lots of pellets at 15 meters and still pretty crap

You’ll see in the pic I tried Gamo pro magnums, Gamo Match & BSA Fury’s without any luck

It does say in the manual it can be inaccurate until broken in (after 250 rounds) but geez o thought it would be better
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Re: Remington Tyrant XGP .22 Air rifle

Post by TassieTiger » 04 Jan 2019, 3:45 pm

I recently sold a webley vmax .177 air rifle after giving up on trying to get the bloody thing consistent.
Even quality Pellets are seemingly inconsistent in weight and shape. I bought numerous packs of “test” pellets (20 each) of numerous different types.

There is also a specific way to hold an air rifle to ensure nil pressure makes it to chamber or barrel - even the slightest touch on my barrel was throwing pellets off and if I used a rest without padding on foreend - piiinnnggg. Gonski.
Then there is the chamber pressures - diff amounts of oil on the seals can change FPS. (If you get bored - a drop of diesel in the skirt will open your eyes)
Comb height vs Scope level with your eye - each and every shot is critical at these ranges.
Etc etc etc. drove me nuts lol. Fun...but nuts.
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Re: Remington Tyrant XGP .22 Air rifle

Post by Strikey » 04 Jan 2019, 8:58 pm

A bit of research finds that Remington suggest using their Remington branded pellets which are manufactured by H&N, if it is like most other air rifles bought into Australia it is more than likely running too hot so try some heavier H&N Baracudas. Shooting a springer/gas ram airgun accurately is a skill, a YouTube search on the artillery hold will help :thumbsup:
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