steyr zephyr ii

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steyr zephyr ii

Post by bignose88 » 31 Aug 2020, 1:50 pm

I am thinking about adding the steyr zephyr ii .in 22lr to my arsenal.

Does anyone have one of these? How are you finding it? Pros and Cons.
I am also looking at the Lithgow LA101 in timber or laminate and CZ 457 lux, american and premium. How do they compare to the Steyr Zephyr ii?

I want a traditional .22lr that is good quality and made to last. Any ideas?
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Re: steyr zephyr ii

Post by Mattraff » 03 Sep 2020, 1:54 pm

From what I recently read the Styer is now discontinued. I have never actually seen one but do like the look of them and I'm sure it would be good quality. All the rifles you have mentioned are good quality and will last a lifetime. I own 2 CZ452's a new CZ457 American and a Lithgow LA101 Walnut & titanium. The one I use the most is the LA101 as I like it's dimensions and it is super accurate. The 457 is a nice rifle and the adjustable trigger is a great feature. The stock finish on the 457 is rather ordinary and hides what is a nice bit of timber. It is aimed at the US market as they seem to put that ugly polyurethane finish on a lot of their firearms. If the stock was oil finished it would really make the rifle look much better and give a quality look to it.
At the current prices the Lithgow and the CZ are both over 1k but the 457 was hundreds cheaper when first released so making comparisons is even harder now.
My choice would be the LA101 as it is made here in Australia and gives me a good sense of pride when using it. It is built to an extremely high standard with all surfaces finished perfectly not only the ones you see. It has a very smooth action that is built like a tank with 3 locking lugs and I like the stock dimensions and size although it may be heavy for some. The trigger is nice to use but a bit heavy like most from the factory and I have put a spring kit in it and it's now very good.
Go and have a look at them all and buy the one you like as you won't go wrong with any of them. With the Styer no longer being made I would buy a spare magazine or 2 just in case.
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Re: steyr zephyr ii

Post by CAVEMAN » 03 Sep 2020, 6:02 pm

Steyr use the standard CZ mag, same as Lithgow and such so no need to go hord them, they will be around for a bit.
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Re: steyr zephyr ii

Post by Rapid » 03 Sep 2020, 10:25 pm

Picked up a Zephyr II about 6 weeks ago and happy to pass on my opinion/observations.
The good...
1. Stock is a beautiful piece of wood, the grain, character and finish is like a grade 3 shotgun.
2. Light weight good for stalking.
3. Very accurate. I recently pulled off a 5 shot group within 1.5 inches at 90m with light winds using Eley Standard.
4. LOP is perfect for taller people say 5'10" and up.
5. Crisp trigger once you adjust it out from factory setting.
6. Price seems cheap for the quality.

The not so good....
1. Trigger weight is horrendous but typical of all makes these days due to import restrictions. When you put the deposit down, book your gunsmith at the same time.
2. Magazine can stove pipe the final round. Make sure the rounds are seated correctly and I found that adding a smear of oil over the bolt every 100 rounds stopped this. Might just be a break in thing.
3. Magazine release let's it down. A flimsy tang of metal I'd expect on a toy but it works.

Overall, this rifle stands with the awards it's won. Personally I find it a bit too light but it does make it pointable. My partner uses it for silhouette, consistently scoring 34-36's and she's only been shooting this discipline for 3 months. And while I'd say it's also perfect for juniors and women, they might find the LOP a bit much. I had to add an extra sling stud 2" back from the original to suit her but that's better than cutting the stock. It is every bit as accurate as my LA101 and Weihrauch HW66. And to be honest, I'm yet to shoot a better group with either of these than the Zephyr at 90m.

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