do you age your wallaby/roo.?

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do you age your wallaby/roo.?

Post by CrackThump » 17 May 2019, 1:39 pm

having sucessfully conquered processing rabbits from paddock to pot, its time to have a go at wallaby .

so, for you maraupial hunters out there, when you shoot roo for the table.. do you hang the meat, fridge it, vaccuum pack it or otherwise age it or just cook it.?

cheers in advance for your opinions
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Re: do you age your wallaby/roo.?

Post by Stix » 17 May 2019, 3:31 pm

Hey Crackthump...
Ive recently had a hare & roo that i kind of aged.
The Hare was done in very cold fridge (just above freezing) for 2 weeks in cotton then soaked for 3 days in fridge & was amazing..and .i mean absolutely amazing--although next time i think ill do a week in cotton & week in plastic/or covered as some parts were just a tad too dry, but it did rehydrate none the less...

The roo was for a full week (or maybe 8 days)--about 3 or 4 days in cotton & the rest in a freezer bag & was equally amazing as the hare--ive had some pretty good bought roo, but this made the best ive had equal to calfs feet-- it was only rump-not follet & was one of the most tender cuts of red meat ive ever eaten in my life.

Both hare & roo were amazing even though only aged for that short time.

Im keen to know what you do & how you go...!!
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Re: do you age your wallaby/roo.?

Post by on_one_wheel » 17 May 2019, 3:41 pm

The best too I've had was still twitching, and cooked rare.
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