Level 9 Safe Storage NSW (passed inspection)

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Level 9 Safe Storage NSW (passed inspection)

Post by SherlockHemlock » 18 Jul 2023, 11:57 am

G'day folks,

I thought I'd share my experience with Cat G for Handguns in NSW in the hope it helps others in the community. I know I've read the handful of NSW Level 9 Safe Storage threads on the site countless times while awaiting inspection.

So, I've held a Cat A/B for 10+ years and a few years back decided I'd like to get into pistol collecting with a focus on German WW2 stuff - P08s, P38s, Vis 35s, Hi Powers, etc. Having been a member of the local SSAA range for a number of years, I was able to reach out for their support. They provided a letter of endorsement and in the letter confirmed I'd been a member for more than 12 months - This opens up options for collecting post 46 stuff in the future. I then organised a pistol safe handling course through a local pistol club. All in all, simple enough. I had the Category G added to my license on renewal.

I then pondered what to do for Level 9 Safe Storage for a year or two :roll:

In the end I decided I'd convert my linen cupboard into a Level 9 Safe Storage "Area" (rather than a "room"). I installed a Hume solid core door with captive pin hinges. I added a Lockly Fingerprint Smart Deadbolt. Installed a Spika Handgun safe on the floor with 4 dynabolts into the concrete slab. And for the "solid wall" component, I lined the walls with 12mm Hardwood Marine plywood - glued and screwed in place, and reinforced with 3mm heavy duty galvanised brackets in the corners. As a value add, I installed a Swann security camera in the drive way. I also had an existing home security alarm. All up this cost around $1200.

Having completed my set up, I applied for my first PTA. After serving the 28 day cooling off period, I was contacted by the NSW FAR advising my premises had not been certified for Level 9 Safe Storage, and I'd therefore need to organise a safe storage inspection prior to the PTA being issued. I contact the local station and arranged for the Licensing Sergeant to pop by and inspect. Nice bloke. Took him over my set up. No dramas. Offered to present my rifles for inspection while he was here. No dramas. Had a chat. And that was that. All certified and eagerly waiting for my PTA to arrive :D

If I could offer any advice, I'd say going above the safe storage guidelines with a home security system and camera was a huge value add. But to answer the question that has been asked numerous times - 12mm hardwood marine plywood is considered "solid".

AMA if you have any questions.

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Re: Level 9 Safe Storage NSW (passed inspection)

Post by ederlezi » 13 Sep 2023, 12:27 pm

Very helpful! Thanks mate
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