Concussions - who has had a good one?

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Re: Concussions - who has had a good one?

Post by TassieTiger » 18 Aug 2019, 10:15 pm

Bloody hell...
Sometimes, the more I read / learn about the insanity going on in the world like above,, the more I just want to bugger off and go off grid and away from ppl..,it’s becoming insane.
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Re: Concussions - who has had a good one?

Post by Stix » 18 Aug 2019, 10:18 pm

TassieTiger wrote:
Ziad wrote:Awww next you will buy a daisy farm and sing kumbaya... while burning your guns and going meat free on mondays like some Melbourne councils.

Vegan? Because I bought a bear hunting puppy? Okkkkkkk....

This pup will be weaned on to wallaby and is expected to grow to 55-60kg...and will crush plenty daisy’s when he rolls in the grass....that’s if I can find the little bastard - forgot how quick they are.

Am i the only one that didnt know you got bears in Van Demon's Land... :shock:

Hell...!! wonder you bought a 30 csl magnum...!!!

I hope your travelling well mate & the buzz from the knock has dimished... :) :drinks:
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