Off topic forum rules and appropriate content

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Off topic forum rules and appropriate content

Post by Blackened » 28 Feb 2020, 10:13 pm

You may have seen the Media and politics forum rules and appropriate content topic in that forum.

As much of it also applies to posting in the Off topic forum, I am quoting the relevant parts again here for members information and reference when posting off-topic and general conversation subjects.

Aster wrote:For a while now, particular in recent months, contentious and divisive subjects completely unrelated to hunting or shooting have become more dominant and it's clear these are now causing more harm than they are promoting productive, informative or enjoyable conversation.


Complicated subjects like foreign politics, social inequalities, human rights, religion, climate change, racism etc. which warrant in-depth conversation should be conducted elsewhere, in a forum dedicated to these subjects. Ultimately, these kinds of subjects are irrelevant to the purpose of this website, and not what people are looking for when they visit this site. Go elsewhere if these are topics you are wanting to discuss in-depth.

This forum is about shooting and hunting, and while some off-topic conversation is expected, this is intended to be light conversation and chit-chat.

Kindly read the original linked post for full context and keep this in mind when posting.
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