interstate purchase processing time QLD to NSW?

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interstate purchase processing time QLD to NSW?

Post by SIM0101 » 29 Dec 2022, 11:37 am

hey guys I am just wondering your experience buying guns interstate? especially about the processing time.

previously I purchased a gun from cleaver to horsley and it sits in horsley for almost 2 months never received a call...then I called them and the guy was not helpful at all talking about the procedures and i shouldn't call them but wait them calling me yadayada, i explained the gun sit there for almost 2 months and he was like "oh yeah it is ready" it can just rot in there for 5 years if i don't check the status actively, and it is painful be honest.

now another gun was delivered two weeks ago and nothing happened. not saying i am worried but I am so confused by now lol :oops: should I just wait another 2 months and use it as the reason for me to "disturb" them? whoever's answering the phone seems always having a really bad day at Horsley park gunshop
may be not horsley next time, some of the staff are just not helpful until they realised something they did wrong :crazy:

thank you for reading this, feel free to share your experience
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Re: interstate purchase processing time QLD to NSW?

Post by yoshie » 29 Dec 2022, 8:42 pm

I'd use a different dealer in NSW
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