More evidence corruption and collusion - chan 9 hosts libs

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Re: More evidence corruption and collusion - chan 9 hosts li

Post by TassieTiger » 11 Sep 2019, 8:25 pm

allthegearandnoidea wrote:
You think you get a balanced view...?
How would you know...if you honestly believe that - please do me a favour and watch a doco about Cambridge analytica, then come back and tell me your thoughts...ever talk about something and then start seeing adverts for that thing? It’s not dissimilar...

You see, this channel 9 in bed with libs is just a very small, ill only put it in a little bit, just the tip...

You won’t see wild alignments between media and political party’s- they don’t need to be that obvious...they need to only sway those storeys that wins them favour with those people who are on the particular fence RE the topic at the analytica doco. It’s an eye opener - then align the possibilities with media/political might build your own tin foil hat! Or do nothing and be content that you know your getting a balanced view...

How do we know anything? We might all be living in a Matrix style virtual reality. But failing that, I'm pretty sure I can follow current affairs by being aware of the inherent political biases of the various media outlets. I read about Analytica when it blew up in the "media" - how do we know about it? Media. Maybe theyre lying though - maybe there is no CA. How do you know? Blind faith? BTW - I dont talk about things and then see ads about the conversations - that's called paranoid schizophrenia. :sarcasm: :sarcasm:

No, your right - we don’t know what’s real or true any more...that’s the problem.
However the CA doco presents interviews from various sides that are in conflict, so like you, one can make a informed guess as to the accuracy...trump got in so it definitely did the trial of CA in Brazil.

Say you personally can tell what’s what, say you are able to read between the lines now...we have only been operating in this “open access” world for maybe 10 - 15 years...give it another 10 and see if your still sure....
The channel 9 $$$ raiser is akin to the USA lobbying set up...where deals with big pharma, oil cos etc are done for the $$$ benefit of the the absolute detriment of everyone else.
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Re: More evidence corruption and collusion - chan 9 hosts li

Post by tophet1 » 11 Sep 2019, 8:43 pm

Nothing to see here. Please move along.
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