these are the best we have?

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these are the best we have?

Post by BangBangSkeetSkeet » 17 May 2019, 7:18 am

The two major parties both claim they are the only logical choice and that any minor party or independent is a wasted vote

Look where two or more decades of their combined economic and strategic policy making has got us... ... s/11121120

It's our fracking gas!!! The Australian people. Sure, private equity funded the exploration and invested in the extraction and deserve a return on their investment. But did successive Federal and State governments, Labor and Liberal, have to bend over and take it - why did no-one (apart from W.A.) think to reserve a guaranteed portion for domestic consumption? Who negotiated these deals on our behalf? Short-sighted short-term decisions made within an election cycle so they can say "We created X number of jobs" with no thought to our future.

None of them are worth feeding.
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Re: these are the best we have?

Post by TassieTiger » 17 May 2019, 8:02 am

Doesn’t add up - if gas drives electricity costs as they are saying, why didn’t electricity costs spike when gas costs apparently spiked in 2015?
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Re: these are the best we have?

Post by Ziad » 17 May 2019, 9:12 am

I said it before.... the more renewables we are dependent on... the more we need gas fired power stations as they can start up quickly to meet demand.

Thus the gas companies (generator and producers) are laughing to the bank
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