Do I Care.................?

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Re: Do I Care.................?

Post by Madang185 » 10 Jun 2019, 9:07 am

The problem is that the media per se think they are above the law.

In addition they get on their high horse about issues but only the ones that will produce headlines.

There are many items within the community that need continual discussion and debate, the media
ignore them because of their disinterest.
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Re: Do I Care.................?

Post by Ziad » 10 Jun 2019, 10:10 am

Mate they don't think they ate above the law... never heard any journalists kill people thinking they are above the law, or run a ponzi scheme and defrauded people to gain material benefits (maybe their bosses do).

But in a true democratic society you need checks and balances on the government and who can do that? There is only one entity who if they find a dirty thing and dig around will find a product they can sell like hot cakes. And I want to differentiate I a.m not taking about Fat Tony in his mom's basement running a news site while wearing week.old jocks.... but legitimate news organizations. (Weather you like their reporting or not is your choice).

Unfortunately we are in the age where media many times will use sensationalism to choose news stories that they think their readers want to read this is to combat Fat Tony and like.

Anyway you need a free and robust media and protection for whistleblowers to keep the government honest cuz voters are not capable of that as they too content with their handouts or jobs
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Re: Do I Care.................?

Post by on_one_wheel » 10 Jun 2019, 11:12 am

TassieTiger wrote:But - at the end of the day...what is “freedom”?
I doubt any 1st would country, any where, can say they are totally free....

Freedoms just another word for nothing left to loose.

Remember that a government with the power to give you everything you need has the power to take away everything you have.
Gun control requires concentration and a steady hand.

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Re: Do I Care.................?

Post by grandadbushy » 10 Jun 2019, 12:01 pm

Knowing that half the media news is BS my concern is if the ABC or any other media can't report freely keeping gov and big companies partially honest then we won't have the people to do so they will slowly disappear i'm not sure I would want that regardless of how much BS they talk lets hope this event will stop their stupidity and they'll get down to reporting honestly if not I think they will loose out in the long run
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