Weaver vs. Vortex opinions?

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Weaver vs. Vortex opinions?

Post by Pieaniar » 11 Jan 2019, 6:21 pm

I've come into possession of a 1963 Marlin 336 R.C. in .30-.30 with a Weaver 63A base mount but no scope. I'm looking for opinions on the Weaver Classic V 2.5-7x32 and the Vortex 2-7x35 Diamondback scopes https://tacticsfaq.com/vortex-crossfire-vs-diamondback/ . While I know everyone has their favorite brands, these are the ONLY two scopes I'm looking for input on. So if you have first hand experience with either of these scopes, I would greatly appreciate any knowledge you would be willing to share. I see no need to replace the Weaver base but I am open to suggestions on brands and heights of rings for mounting either of these scopes. Thanks for any info!
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Re: Weaver vs. Vortex opinions?

Post by allan » 12 Jan 2019, 6:36 pm

You're a long way from home my friend but I see this is your first on here so welcome to the forum.
I rarely see Weaver scopes fitted to anything in my area apart from the T series on range/target rifles.
Having said that, I've owned many over a long period of time including various offerings from the V, GS & T series in powers from 1.5 to 36X.
I currently own several V series but not the particular scope you're asking about. I have used a Grand Slam 1-5-5X32 for many years and simply could not fault it in any way - Very similar optic to the 2.5-7.
For rings, any of the Warne, Leupold or Burris low offerings in Weaver/PRW style would be adequate.
Plenty of Vortex owners around so hopefully some one else will chime in there.
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