Reminder: If you've got a problem with a post, report it

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Reminder: If you've got a problem with a post, report it

Post by Blackened » 20 Mar 2019, 7:45 pm

It seems a reminder required for this.

If you feel a post made on the forum is inappropriate, report it. A reminder of how to do that can be found here.

Don't insult the person, don't get involved in an argument, and don't complain about lack of moderation in the topic.

Continuing an argument or returning an insult, is no better than starting or slinging one. "They started it" is no excuse.

Mods also aren't omnipotent and we can't be everywhere. At the time of writing this, there are over 180,000 posts on this forum, you shouldn't be shocked to learn I haven't read them all. The same goes for Aster and Monty.

Complaining nothing is being done in a topic we haven't seen obviously won't accomplish anything either. If you feel something is inappropriate, use the functionality that is provided to you for that purpose to bring it to our attention. Every report comes direct to the mods and we will see it.

If you don't report a problem then you're in no position to complain when nothing gets done about it.

We can easily delete content and remove problem members, but only if we know there is an issue. If you've got the time/inclination to write a post complaining about it, you've got the time to report it instead. It takes 2 clicks.

So help us to help you :drinks:

I will lock this topic as it's not really a conversational one. As always, you can PM a mod if you have any questions.
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