Important NSC Announcement re LRD and Licences.

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Re: Important NSC Announcement re LRD and Licences.

Post by TassieTiger » 16 Sep 2020, 9:17 pm

trekin wrote:
Grandadbushy wrote:Nah bigrich never ever thought of running for any office mate, I have thought of running for my life on the odd occasion because of the way i see this country being run, but ,'' where do you run'' ? Anyway i wouldn't be any good , i'd end up telling the truth, then i'd be kicked out just like Aunty Pauline, :thumbsup: :lol: no place for ''Truth Tellers'' in any Gov at the moment it would be career destroying :problem: , How about you bigrich you're up there with the common sense, or maybe marksman, TT sounds pretty switched as is Trekin, not Bill because he don't like my ''HERO'' Donald Trump :lol: :lol: :thumbsup: who is the bestus leader of mankind, Too smart for the smart people and too smart for the dumb people so he covers them all :thumbsup: :lol: :lol: Nah i'll just stick to shooting, eating, and mowing the lawn, thats my whole week no time for anything else mate. :thumbsup: :lol: :lol: :drinks:

Geesh mate, don't know wether to be pleased that you think I've enough common sense to be a pollie :thumbsup: , or pissed that you think that I could be a pollie because I wouldn't tell the truth :unknown: Nah, all good mate :drinks: , I get where your coming from.
I did actually throw my hat in the preselection ring, for the electorate we lived in, for uncle Bob's mob back when he first kicked off his Party. Sort of glad I didn't get selected though. Did, however, take on the role of campaign manager for the Party's two candidates from the two neighboring electorates, We lived on the boundary of the two, and they were small electorates. And uncovered a plot by the Labor Party to bring down KAP by seeding the branches with leftwing labor hacks and loonie greens during the 2013 Federal campaign. And it's not unusual to see me at the polling booth with my KAP shirt and PHON hat, handing out HTV for both Partys, or volunteering to scrutineer at the count.
This was my daily drive for about 4 years from the 2012 State election, minus the candidates magnetic sticker after the 20112 election.


With social media platforms being what they are and associated policy forums with large memberships - is there a big enough reach from these types of platforms to make a run? What if you concentrated on spruiking actual policies aligned with that forum - I mean if someone of even half decency, posted a thread on here saying I’m going to run, I will support xxx, I need your votes to make a difference and please tell your friends - well, you’ve almost instantly got 2000 Plus votes...20 mins typing vs 3 weeks of door knocking...cmon Trek...we need ya in national :drinks:
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