SSAA Standard Prac Shotgun DBMs

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SSAA Standard Prac Shotgun DBMs

Post by DecaHex » 03 Jun 2022, 11:55 pm

For SSAA Standard Division Prac Shotgun, the rulebook says

"All shotguns in Standard Class may only be loaded directly by hand. The use of speed
loaders, speed tubes, round guides or firearm mounted ammunition carriers, to feed rounds
into the firearm are not permitted."

Does this include detachable box magazines? That is would a standard Adler B230 using only the factory ghost ring fibre-optics sights be in Standard division?
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Re: SSAA Standard Prac Shotgun DBMs

Post by rc42 » 04 Jun 2022, 2:28 pm

There are always scenarios that rules didn't allow for, often these come down tot he discretion of ROs and other officials on a shoot by shoot basis until the rules get updated.

The spirit of the rules would appear to be that magazines must be unloaded and loaded manually during the course of fire but until the rules actually say that you may have an advantage.
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